Letteratura e lavoro. Conversazioni Critiche.

Chirumbolo letteratura book cover

Paolo Chirumbolo. Letteratura e lavoro. Conversazioni Critiche. Rubbettino Editore, 2013.

Over the last twenty years, the works that have dealt with the great changes that have taken place in the world of work have multiplied considerably. These include novels, diaries, memoirs, collections of testimonies, fiction and documentary films, theatrical texts, essays on sociology and psychology. The attention given to this issue in various sectors is now significant, so much so that it can no longer be underestimated and/or circumscribed and limited in the context of a mere phenomenon of an editorial nature. On the contrary: all this is a clear sign that something profound is happening in our society. In fact, one has the distinct feeling, corroborated by the analysis of the literary (and cinematographic) works that Paolo Chirumbolo deals with in this book, that we are facing a topical moment in the history of Western civilization during which the transition from one model of society to another, that is, from a community based on political importance, is taking place. On the other hand, habits, lifestyles and "privileges" (full-time work, social security guarantees, fundamental rights) that were hard-won during the past century are rapidly disappearing. Understanding the profound importance of this literary phenomenon also means understanding where Italian society is heading in the twenty-first century.