Poesía lesbiana queer. Cuerpos y sujetos inadecuados

Castro Poesia book cover

Elena Castro. Poesía lesbiana queer. Cuerpos y sujetos inadecuados. Icaria, 2014

This is a book about how writing, in so far as “technology of production of subjectivity” (Beatriz Preciado), is used by lesbian queer poets, sexual and gender dissidents, to inscribe themselves in the memory and in the present, to produce their own, (in)adequates, bodies and subjects. Thus, analyzes the production of gender identities and sexual practices in the work of lesbian queer poets of Spain, from the beginning of the XX century to our days, and the (re)appropriation by these poets in their texts of the technologies of control and regulation utilizes by the normative regime in order to give space to a subjectivity of their own, abject, queer, that renounces all fix and stable conception of identity. This study aims to lay the foundation for reading these subjectivities hitherto neglected. To that effect, engages in dialogue with queer theories developed in the Anglophone context, but also with the contributions made to the field by theorists from Spain, while demonstrating at the same time how queer cultural and social theories, may be put into practice within the literary text.