English Major Concentrations

The Creative Writing concentration teaches students to compose imaginative literature. The Literature concentration emphasizes reading, interpreting, and placing imaginative literature in a variety of interpretive contexts.

The Secondary Education in English concentration prepares students for secondary school teaching, and includes courses taught in conjunction with courses from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. For more information about teaching English in secondary schools, visit Geaux Teach! 

The Rhetoric, Writing and Culture concentration, focuses on a wide range of kinds of writing (e.g., writing a corporate budget, a newspaper, a novel, or a film script), studied on a range of levels, including linguistics (the systematic study of the components of language), rhetoric (the art of the effective and persuasive use of language), and cultural studies (encompassing all the socially transmitted assumptions and behaviors that affect a text). This concentration is associated with the 3 + 3 Pre-Law Program.

Visit the LSU Recommended Path website for a recommended coursework path through each concentration. 

The English Department is in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.