Michelle Masse'

Michelle Massé

Ph.D., Brown University

212-P Allen Hall


Michelle Massé received her B.A. from Anna Maria College, with a double major in English and Comparative Literature. Her Ph.D. is from Brown University, where she focused upon theory of the novel and wrote a dissertation entitled "Dark Idolatry of Self: Narcissism and the Bildungsroman from Goethe through Wolfe." She's currently working on two book projects and a co-edited collection. The first, Communities and the Work of Louisa May Alcott, examines the enactments of communities in Alcott's work, genre as community, and readership communities across historical periods and through media. The second, Great Expectations: Gendering Age, Narcissism, and the Bildungsroman considers the ways in which narcissism is a cultural, as well as individual, construction through examining two key variables of entitlement, age and sex. The co-edited collection is about stages of women's academic lives, from the graduate student years through retirement.

Area(s) of Interest

Feminist and psychoanalytic theory, theory and criticism of the novel, nineteenth- and twentieth-century Anglophone novel

Curriculum Vitae