Classified (Civil Service) employees are paid biweekly. Academic and Professional employee, are paid monthly.

All employees are required to participate in direct deposit; therefore, earnings will be deposited by the University directly into the bank account you designate. 

In order to make changes to bank accounts, employees will be required to submit paper forms to the Payroll Office. The payment election changes can be requested with form AS35, Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposits. The signed form can be delivered to the Payroll Office via Campus Mail, USPS or overnight delivery. The ability to update banking information will be with the Payroll Staff. The forms should not be scanned and sent to the Payroll Office via email – this is another method by which the banking information can be surreptitiously obtained and compromised.

Upon request, the Office of Accounting Services will deduct (in addition to regular insurance, retirement, and tax deductions), parking fees, tax-sheltered annuity payments, Credit Union payments, United Way donations, U.S. Savings Bond purchases, deferred tuition and/or deferred tuition for your dependents, Lab School tuition, season athletic ticket purchases, and membership fees for the Faculty Athletic Club, University Recreation Complex, and various other campus organizations. Contact Accounting Services at 225-578-3321 for more information.