Advisory Committee

Upon entering the program, you need to request a major professor from the area in which you intend to specialize. Once you do this, you will meet with the professor and finalize this arrangement with an official binding agreement. This professor and the members of your Graduate program committee constitute your Advisory Committee. During the first semester, you and the your major professor will devise an initial plan of study that constitutes the intended courses you will take for the M.S. degree. At the end of your first semester, your Advisory Committee must approve a final plan of study. For the remainder of your degree program, your plan of study can be altered only by approval of your advisory committee.

The Advisory Committee must have a minimum of three faculty members, including two from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. One member can be from another department. The Advisory Committee must be composed of members of the Graduate Faculty, including at least one full member of the graduate faculty from the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Transfer to the thesis option may be done at any time. However, all of the requirements of that degree program must be met. This includes the appointment of a new advisory committee and possibly a new major professor, the formulation of a new plan of study, and the identification of a research area from which a thesis can be produced. Courses taken in the nonthesis program may be applied to the thesis program only at the discretion of the new advisory committee.