23 College of Engineering Students Receive Honors College Awards

November 12, 2014 | LSU Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

This fall, the LSU Honors College awarded 23 College of Engineering students with prestigious distinctions for the students’ achievements, determination and service.

“Of the 1,442 students enrolled in the Honors College, 187 are College of Engineering students,” said Liz Billet, communications coordinator, LSU Honors College. “Both the Honors College and the College of Engineering are committed to helping high-achieving students become world-class professionals and scholars, and the achievements celebrated at our awards ceremony are proof of that process in action.”

The following College of Engineering students received 2014 Honors College awards:

Shell Honors Student Leaders Scholarship
Shell Honors Student Leaders receive annual stipends as they progress toward their degree. Shell awards the scholarship to four entering Honors College students.

  • William Branch Abbott, mechanical engineering
  • Catherine Mary Albano, chemical engineering
  • Katie Renee Como, chemical engineering
  • Brian Thomas Womeldurf, petroleum engineering

Penelope W. and E. Roe Stamps IV Leadership Scholars Award
The Penelope W. and E. Roe Stamps IV Leadership Scholars Award program is the top scholarship opportunity available at LSU. Scholarship recipients will receive the full cost of attendance for four years, as well as a potential $14,000 for enrichment experiences.

  • Faiz Alam, chemical engineering
  • Leah Nicole Sanders, petroleum engineering
  • Ross Travis Teichman, petroleum engineering

Sophomore Honors Distinction
In order to gain Sophomore Honors Distinction from the LSU Honors College, students must take 20 hours of honors courses in their first four semesters, including six hours of Honors credits. Students must also have a 3.5 overall GPA, honors GPA and LSU course work GPA.

  • Jeremy Scott Baldassaro, chemical engineering
  • Lexie Lynne Breaux, chemical engineering
  • Katie JoAnna Hogan, biological engineering
  • Sung Eun Jung, electrical engineering
  • Jennifer Khanh Le, biological engineering
  • Tyler Martin Lollis, petroleum engineering
  • Rachel Anne Rhodes, mechanical engineering
  • Kurt David Ristroph, chemical engineering
  • Joshua Ryan Saltz, chemical engineering
  • Mollie Marie Smoak, biological engineering

John Hardy Blue Scholarship
Awarded directly by the Honors College, the John Hardy Blue Scholarship is a $1,000 award for the recruitment of high-achieving students from the state of Texas.

  • Lauren Felicia Baxter, mechanical engineering

William L. Jenkins Scholarship
The William L. Jenkins scholarship provides support to minority students in the Business or Engineering disciplines. The award, which is distributed over four years of study, amounts to$4000, dependent upon endowment earnings.

  • Kloe M. Liner, industrial engineering

TAF Honors Thesis Scholarship
The Tiger Athletic Foundation makes funds available to support the Honors Thesis. Scholarships are meant to assist students with the research and production of an Honors Thesis project, and may be used towards travel expenses, materials, reduction of non-academic employment, or other expenses that will further thesis research.

  • Mitchell Keith Mason, computer science
  • Christopher Brian Sylvester, biological engineering

TAF Honors Study Abroad Scholarship
The Tiger Athletic Foundation gives the TAF Honors Study Abroad Scholarship to Honors College students wishing to study abroad during their time at LSU.

  • Alexandra Lindsey Willis, computer science

Odgen Students Leaders Award
The Roger Hadfield Ogden Leaders Program recognizes undergraduate students at the Honors College who possess extraordinary ability, commitment, and imagination to pursue a self-guided project of significance to the state of Louisiana. Ogden Leaders receive up to $5,000 to support self-designed, off-campus experiences, enabling them to pursue a passionate interest, develop independent leadership abilities, and contribute to society in a way and to a degree not otherwise possible.

  • Kurt David Ristroph, chemical engineering

Outstanding Honors College Sophomore 2013-2014

  • Kurt David Ristroph, chemical engineering

Honors College Service Award
The Honors College Service Award is given to juniors and seniors who have demonstrated exemplary service to the LSU and Baton Rouge community.

  • Kurt David Ristroph, chemical engineering


Article by Danielle Kelley, College of Engineering communications intern.