IE Student Interns at Walt Disney World

November 11, 2013 | LSU Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Sydney Loupe, an Industrial Engineering student, is spending her summer interning at Walt Disney World. She is working with the workforce management department using different programs and formulas to decide what positions are needed at certain times of the day for all of the different locations within Disney World.


After a few weeks of training and safety classes, her initial assignment was auditing position standards. She was checking for position for a location within the system and comparing it to what is available, making certain that everything matches up with what the manager sees.

Another assignment that Sydney has been able to work on was making rule changes through a program rather than the real world to determine the impact of the potential rule changes.

Her most current assignment has been a time study in the Magic Kingdom. She timed transaction times for guests checking out at Castle Couture. The goal of the time study was to switch the rules that are currently based on specific times to rules that depend on the amount of transactions that occur in the day at certain time intervals. She used a Palm Pilot to track the wait time in line until the transaction occurred.

Sydney said, "The people I work with are wonderful and just the fact that I get to walk through Hollywood Studios every morning to get to work brightens my day." She is really enjoying her internship so far and will keep us updated on her work.