A Sustaining Partner in the Chair's Circle

RoyOMartin has been one of the most valuable and long-term partners of the Mechanical Engineering Program and the MIE Department.

The RoyOMartin investment includes a named endowed professorship in Mechanical Engineering, sponsorship of the RoyOMartin Auditorium and co-sponsorship of the MIE Department Leadership Suite in the Renovated Patrick F Taylor Hall,  and offering and sponsoring industry-relevant Capstone Design projects.

Partnership Evidence and Investments


RoyOMartin  Roy O. Martin Lumber Company Endowed Professorship in Mechanical Engineering - Holder: Professor Marcio de Quiroz

RoyOMartin Co-Sponsor of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Leadership Suite in Patrick F. Taylor Hall

RoyOMartin Sponsor of the Roy O. Martin Auditorium in Patrick F. Taylor Hall, heavily used by ME and IE students and faculty and the entire College of Engineering


RoyOMartin Capstone Design Project and Program contributions and sponsorship:

2014-15  RoyOMartin Project/Team #2: "R806"
RoyOMartin Mentor: Bobby Byrd
Students: Bryan, John Benjamin (ME); Burchak, Cameron Carl (ME); David, Justin Kyle (ME); Henderson, Joseph A (ME); Miller, David Wayne (ME).

2013-14  RoyOMartin Project/Team #44: "New Wood Product Technology"
RoyOMartin Mentor: Bobby Byrd
Students: Bellelo, Brandon Scott (ME); Golson, John Tucker (ME); Greene, Paul David (ME); Sutton, Nicholas Craig (ME).