A Sustaining Partner in the Chair's Circle

Chevron has been one of the most valuable and long-term partners of the Mechanical Engineering Program and the MIE Department.

Chevron investment includes a major gift towards the upgrade and renewal of the Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Laboratories in 2015, sponsoring one Capstone Design project per year since 2014, funding undergraduate scholarships for many years, and contributing to the MIE Departmental general fund, which supports student and faculty educational and research activities. In addition Chevron is a regular contributor to the ASME Student Chapter.

Partnership Evidence and Investments

Chevron  Funding in support of Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Laboratory upgrades:

ME4611 - Thermal Systems Lab: Chevron Gas Turbine Generator Experiment.
ME3633 - Manufacturing Processes Lab and ME4202 - Capstone II Lab: Chevron FormLabs 4 Stereolithographic 3D Printer.
ME3633 - Manufacturing Processes Lab and ME4202 - Capstone II Lab: Chevron Compressor for Compressed Air Supply for Labs.
ME3633 - Manufacturing Processes Lab and ME4202 - Capstone II Lab: Chevron Collaborative Robotic Arm for Arc-Welding 3D Printing.
ME4243/ME4202 - Capstone I & II Labs: Chevron Portable Flat Screen Stations for Team Presentation Practice.
ME4621 - Thermal Sciences Lab: Closed-Loop, Chevron Low-Speed Wind-Tunnel Equipment and Sheet Metal-Work.
ME4621 - Thermal Sciences Lab: Chevron Reynolds Demonstration Experiment.

 Chevron Capstone Design Project and Program continuous contributions and sponsorship since 2014:

2017-18 Chevron Project/Team #13: "3D-Printed Metal Micro-Reactors"
Students: Doucet, Grant Noel (ME); O'Connor , Errin Marielle (ME); Peterson, Andrew (ChE); Rabalais, Michael Joseph (ME).

2016-17 Chevron Project/Team #13: "Micro-Mixer Reactor"
Students: Caronia, Parker (ME); Deville, David (ME); Ellis, Sarah (ME); Gates, Daniel (ME).

2015-16 Chevron Project/Team #32: "A Closed-Loop, Low-Speed Wind-Tunnel for the ME Thermal Sciences Lab (ME4621)"
Chevron Mentor: Jordan Bergeron
Students: Auzenne, Jonathan Gareth (ME); Cook, Jacob (ECE); Daigrepont, Tyler (ECE); Hancock, Spencer (ECE); Herwig, Nathan Dane (ME); McIntyre, Grant Tyler (ME); Travis, Brandon Edward (ME); Wilkinson, Kelsey Michelle (ME).

2014-15 Chevron Project/Team #34: "An experiment for ME4621 (Thermal Science Lab)"
Chevron Mentor: Jordan Bergeron
Students: Fitzmorris, Claire Kathleen (ME); Francois, Andrew Joseph (ME); Garcia, Roberto (ECE); Janice, Chance A (ME); Primeaux, Philip Alan (ME); Wilkes, Scott Joseph (ME).

 Chevron Chevron Scholarships for Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Students:

2017-18 Chevron Scholars - Huber, Kyle; Collins, Seth; Toomey, Shane; MacPherson, Catherine; Jones, Hansen (Graduate).
2016-17 Chevron Scholars - Dang, Binh; Khattab, Karim; Sedky, Girguis; Veal, Eddie; Collins, Seth; Maynard, Marissa (IE); Megilligan, Alissa (IE), Power, Brandon (IE), Roy, Shelby (IE).
2015-16 Chevron Scholars - Alford, Aaron; Chen, Fuwei; Gegenheimer, James; Hendrickson, Aida.
2014-15 Chevron Scholars - Gegenheimer, James; Theriot, Matthew; Darbonne, John; Alford, Aaron; Chen, Fuwei; Werner, Rebecca.
2013-14 Chevron Scholars - Zhao, Yue "Kenny"; Neitzke, Hannah.
2012-13 Chevron Scholars - Gonzalez, Carlos; Stewart, Virginia.
2011-12 Chevron Scholars - Hollander, Steven; Richard, Jason.
2010-11 Chevron Scholars - Gilbert, John; Foreman, Christopher.
2009-10 Chevron Scholars - Fry, Mark B.; Gilbert, John; Foreman, Christopher.
2008-09 Chevron Scholars - O’Dwyer, Brad; Giles, Paul J.


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