UCGE November 2020 Meeting Agenda and Notes

Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.


  • Angelina Cantelli – she/her 
  • Dereck Rovaris - he/him 
  • Erin McKinley – she/her 
  • Ines Johnson – she/her 
  • John Lewis - he/him 
  • John Miles - he/him 
  • Jonathan Earle - he/him 
  • Kimberly LeCompte – she/her 
  • Kyla Martin – she/her 
  • Randa Lopez Morgan – she/her 
  • Shinhee Jeong – she/her 
  • Summer Steib – she/her 
  • Tammy Millican – she/her 


Faculty Senate Updates – Jonathan Earle (he/him) and Erin McKinley (she/her)

A proposal for a triple AS 2000 to be added to the General Education Core Classes as a mandatory class is being presented to Faculty Senate. There will be a process for approval once Faculty Senate has decided whether to move forward on the proposal. The goal is to have LSU students learn about anti-blackness. The course is Introduction to African and African American Studies. The meeting is 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM on November, 18, 2020.


USA Today Article – Jonathan Earle (he/him), Tammy Millican (she/her), Angelina Cantelli (she/her), Randa Lopez Morgan (she/her), Dereck Rovaris (he/him), and Kyla Martin(she/her)

  • Highlights the problems on campus and hopefully there is something that UCGE can do. 
  • Students are hoping to see Faculty and Staff show up. Students would like to know that administration is supporting the change and offering support and resources. There is protest on Friday, November 20th at 3pm that students are organizing.
  • These issues aren’t new, and it’s frustrated that they are still going on. 
  • There is no problem commenting as an organization or as an individual if you feel comfortable. It helps everyone. 
  • There’s a culture with student athletes, particular football players, and we need to get a handle on it. 
  • How can UCGE support funding and research to increase the resources. How can one or two people service a whole campus. How can UCGE support why these changes are important? 

Subcommittee Updates

Experiences of Women of Color – Kyla Martin (she/her) and Angelina Cantelli (she/her)

The subcommittee has developed a one question open-ended survey to distribute to all LSU Women of Color: faculty, staff, and students. Currently, the subcommittee is submitting an IRB exemption application.

Closing the Gaps – Summer Steib (she/her)

The subcommittee is reviewing the panelist from the Engaging Men as Allies panel that was planned for last spring and hopes to hold two panels in Spring 2021. One will be the Engaging Men as Allies panel and the other will ideally be connected to the work of the Experiences of Women of Color Subcommittee.

Staff Salary Gap – Tammy Millican (she/her)

The subcommittee is taking the time to familiarize themselves with similar processes done at other institutions of higher education and review the report on faculty that was done a few years back.

Diversity and Inclusion Roadmap Updates – Derek Rovaris (he/him)

  • There is a new diversity statement on the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (ODEI) website that can be used across campus.
  • Faculty search trainings have been created and conducted to aid in diversifying faculty. 
  • ODEI is continuing to offer and facilitate diversity trainings on a variety of topics. 
  • A stronger connection and collaboration is happening with LSU foundation to assist in financially supporting the initiatives outlined in the roadmap.
  • A study on accessibility has been done to increase access to buildings and spaces on campus. 
  • There has been a review of potential spaces for the LGBTQ* and Latinx communities on campus.