UCGE January 2021 Meeting Agenda and Notes

Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.


  • Angelina Cantelli – she/her 
  • Ines Johnson – she/her 
  • Jason Shaw – he/ him 
  • John Lewis - he/him 
  • John Miles - he/him 
  • Jonathan Earle - he/him 
  • Kimberly LeCompte – she/her 
  • Kyla Martin – she/her 
  • S. L. Ziegler – they/them 
  • Shinhee Jeong – she/her 
  • Summer Steib – she/her 
  • Tammy Millican – she/her 
  • Tori Carillo – she/her

Welcome back and Happy New Year – UCGE Chair, Tammy Millican (she/her/hers)

General Updates

Tammy Millican - she/her/hers

  • Congratulations to our Council member Dr. Kimberly LeCompte on gaining her PhD this past Fall.
  • The search committee for the the  AVP for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion is beginning the second round of the search after slightly changing the job description. I will keep this group updated as the search progresses 
  • The Pregnancy and Parenting Program had a successful three part webinar series on "Parenting Through the Ages" in the Fall. This semester the series will be geared toward supervisors and managers on supporting and understanding the needs of employees who are in the various stages of Pregnancy and Parenting.
  • Additional community and LSU resources have been added to the Pregnancy and Parenting Program website to use and share.

Kyla Martin - she/her/hers

  • The UCGE website will soon have all previous agendas and the Spring meeting dates live on the website. If there are additional edits needed please contact me directly. 

General Announcements

Kimberly LeCompte - she/her/hers

The MindWise Platform has produced great summary data with over 500 assessments completed since the October launch. The most cited issues from Faculty and Staff are depression and anxiety and also emerging is Bipolar and Disordered eating. We are looking to update resources on the latter so please share any you have whether community or LSU based. In addition to the specific assessments the general assessment has been widely taken and an intern has been hired to compile summary data.

Kyla Martin - she/her/hers

The Women's Center is hosting the first Breakfast Break of the semester on Friday, February 5th from 8:00am to 9:15 am.