Recommended Reading List

Compiled by the African and African American Studies department 

Fundamental to antiracism is the development and circulation of ideas. Since the first native contacts with Europeans or the first slave ships departed for the Americas, individuals and groups have engaged in the careful and often slow work of critically engaging the injustices around them. Such work takes place in communities, during social movements, and on university campuses. Ideas develop through scholarship, community organizing and artistry. 

This bibliography comprises careful thinking by activists, artists and scholars about the life and death stakes of antiracism. The work assembled here did not occur in a vacuum, but in the dynamic context of the real world. These books are also tools for us in the present who are seeking to find our place in the struggle to end racism. Whether you are challenging a friend or relative on a racist remark, engaging in a classroom debate about race and racism, attempting to change practices in your department or student organization, or involved in community organizing around matters of social justice, these works are intended to serve as accessible yet rigorous tools to help you develop a lens for analysis and resource for structuring arguments.

While divided into sections, the texts in this bibliography often overlap. This is inevitable because antiracist work is intersectional and the best writing transcends genres. Nonetheless, the bibliography is organized in order to be accessible. Readers should take their time and realize this kind of intellectual journey is lifelong. Simply identify a section that draws your interest, select a text, and begin reading! As you read, think of how you see what the authors are describing in your daily life and in public culture. Then ask how you can translate the insights you glean from the work into concrete action.

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  *Published 2020

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