Diversity Leadership Committee

Diversity Leadership Council serves as the institutional conscience for inclusive policies, programs, procedures, and services. The Council is a catalyst for change that enhances the campus climate for all people and removes persistent barriers that inhibit the success of members of our campus community, especially those from underrepresented and historically marginalized populations. The Commission holds the University accountable for promoting inclusion, integrity, respect, service, and social justice.

The Council is charged with:

  • Supporting the Vice President for Diversity and Chief Diversity Officer in keeping the President informed and accountable to advance the Council’s recommendations.
  • Representing constituents and soliciting feedback related to the work of the Council while also acting as advocates for the Council’s work.
  • Demonstrating leadership in recognizing, valuing, and maximizing the benefits of diversity at LSU.
  • Encompassing the interests and concerns of the University community, including academic faculty, research professionals, administrative professionals, state classified, and students through representative membership of each unit, division and college.
  • Working in a manner transparent and accessible to the University community.
  • Working collaboratively with employee caucuses, students, and other official and ad hoc University organizations in support of a shared vision of inclusion, equity, and access.
  • Calling on various units of the University administration for assistance in acquiring information and collecting data to obtain a more complete understanding of issues that impact the Council’s work.
  • Identifying persistent and emerging concerns related to diversity and inclusion and forwarding recommendations and potential solutions to the University administration.
  • Utilizing university-wide assessments and statistical analyses to inform recommendations.
  • Assisting the University in designing strategies to implement the Commission’s recommendations.