Exams -- How to Request

Students must first register with Disability Services.


Complete and submit the Disability Examination Request form (myLSU login required) at least three (3) business days prior to the exam. Your instructor must submit the completed request to Disability Services.

Examination Request Forms received less than three (3) business days prior to the examination will not be accepted. Students must reschedule the examination to test with Disability Services. A rescheduled test MUST be approved by the faculty member in order for Disability Services to provide the requested accommodations. Final examinations MUST be scheduled one (1) week prior to the examination date.

If you decide to cancel the exam, notify us. If you fail to come three (3) times without notifying Disability Services, testing accommodations may be lost. To resume testing accommodations, you must meet with Disability Services.


Complete the Faculty section of the Examination Request Form, which will be emailed to you once the student submits it. Information required from Faculty includes:

  • date and time examination is to be given
  • time allowed for the test
  • instructions/materials that can be used to administer the examination
  • where (building and room) the examination should be returned

If the student can take the examination in class with everyone else and does not need accommodations, or if the faculty member can accommodate them, select OTHER ARRANGEMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE on the form.

Print out the Examination Request Form before pressing "Submit."

Deliver the examination to Disability Services by hand to 122 Johnston Hall, by email to odstests@lsu.edu, or by fax to 225-578-2615 before the scheduled exam date and time. If you hand deliver the examination to 122 Johnston Hall, please attach a copy of the Examination Request Form paper to the front of the exam.

Do not send a student's test until he or she receives an e-mail requesting verification of examination information.


  • All examinations are monitored and are returned to the faculty member in a tamper-proof envelope as soon as possible. The person receiving the examination must sign to acknowledge that the examination has been returned.

  • Extended time is calculated according to the time the examination is scheduled to begin, (e.g., if the student shows up 10 minutes late, he/she  will not receive an additional 10 minutes to finish the test). Note: If a student shows up 15 minutes after the examination is scheduled, he/she will not be allowed to take the examination in Disability Services unless approval is given by the faculty member.

  • All tests, with the exception of final exams, must be completed by 6:00 p.m.

Testing Hours

All examinations should be taken at the time the test of the class is scheduled to take the exam, unless a student receives prior approval from the instructor. Even so, the test must take place during regular office hours for Disability Services.