Message to building coordinators

April 13, 2020

Dear Building Coordinators, 

Campus remains closed. Please do not allow access to your building to anyone who is not essential personnel. If non-essential employees ask for your permission to go to a building, or ask you for access or keys to your building, please decline. We must keep our essential personnel who are working on campus as safe as possible, and don’t want to expose them to others who don’t need to be there. In addition, essential employees are undergoing various protocols when they report to campus to help keep each other safe, such as temperature and symptom checks, informing the EOC of their whereabouts, and other practices, depending on the nature of their jobs. Non-essential employees who show up to campus are not necessarily following those types of protocols, and could potentially expose others to the virus. In addition, security of buildings has been an issue, as non-essential employees come to campus and forget to lock buildings after they leave. For all these reasons, non-essential personnel should be working from home and not going to campus. 

If there are extenuating circumstances as to why a non-essential employee needs to access a building, please ask them to request approval from their department head or supervisor. The department head or supervisor must then request access from the EOC before the employee goes to campus by emailing These requests should be for urgent reasons only, and individuals must receive approval before going. Please share this message with everyone who works in your building.

Thank you for your cooperation, and for assisting us with the safety and security of your building and the essential employees who may be working there.