Faculty Remote Proctoring Request Options - Due April 6

April 1, 2020; 10:30 a.m.

Dear Faculty,

During the COVID-19 teaching contingency, we recommend that you utilize alternative assessment options when at all possible. Resources for providing alternative assessment methods can be found on the Faculty Guide for Remote Teaching under section “Modify Activities and Assessments.”

However, in situations where remote proctoring is absolutely essential for an exam, LSU has worked with ProctorU to establish a new pricing model that will allow the institution to absorb some of the costs. As a result, we are issuing guidance for the following types of remotely proctored assessments:

  • Type One: LSU will pay for one remotely proctored assessment per course using ProctorU’s Review+ option.  For more information view: ProctorU Review+ page
  • Type Two: Proctoring fees that were originally listed in a course syllabus as being paid by the student, at the start of Spring 2020, will still be paid for by the student
  • Additional remote assessments, that incur costs for students outside these two types, will not be allowed.
  • Faculty who teach courses as part of LSU Online will not need to complete the Remote Proctoring Request Form. 

Exam Approval Process 

If you wish to use either Type One or Type Two remote proctoring options listed above via ProctorU you must complete the Remote Proctoring Request Form.

Fill out the Remote Proctoring Request Form by Monday, April 6. The form will need to be completed for each course in which you plan to administer remote proctoring. 

  1. Complete the Remote Proctoring Request Form for courses that meet the Type One and/or Type Two criteria. 
  2. Once the form is completed, you will receive a confirmation email with details about entering an exam in ProctorU. 
  3. Create your ProctorU account (see instructions below).
  4. You will need to create the exam/quiz/assessment via Moodle, QuestionMark (with the help of TES) or another digital test creation solution prior to completing the exam proctoring entry in ProctorU. 
  5. Note: you must enter the exam in ProctorU at least one week prior to giving the exam.
  6. After the remote proctoring instance has been entered in ProctorU, LSU TES (Testing and Evaluation Services) will activate exams submitted via the Remote Proctoring Request Form within the ProctorU system – please allow for three business days for the exam to be activated. 
  7. When the exam has been activated in the system, you can share exam proctoring details with students for scheduling. 

Create your ProctorU Account

If you plan to utilize ProctorU to administer remotely proctored exams, please create your ProctorU account now. Faculty accounts must be created prior to entering exam proctoring instances within ProctorU and take up to 72 hours to activate within the ProctorU system. 

Getting started with creating a faculty account: 

  1. Create an account. Go to the LSU Campus portal and select “Sign Up.” Your institution will be pre-populated as “Louisiana State University Baton Rouge.”
  2. Select Instructor and complete the account profile information 

For more information please refer to the LSU GROK article on ProctorU. 

Thank you,
The Office of Academic Affairs and Testing and Evaluation Services