Assessment Options

March 23, 2020; 10:00 a.m.

Dear Faculty,

Like you, we have been concerned about placing any additional financial burden on students, and seek to simultaneously maintain academic integrity and the rigor of assessments through proctoring.  In response to the current situation, LSU has been able to work with ProctorU to establish a new pricing model that will allow the institution to absorb some of the costs. As a result, we are issuing the following guidance:

  1. LSU will pay for one proctored assessment per course using ProctorU’s Review+ with Live Launch option.  If you are considering exercising this option, there are a number of items that should be taken into account, including:
    1. If online proctoring is used, and a student does not have the appropriate equipment, the faculty member will need to provide an alternative equivalent assessment,
    2. ProctorU may not be compatible with all devices or browsers. A GROK article is currently in development that will provide guidance on this, and will be available to the campus community shortly,
    3. We strongly recommend that this be the final exam or assessment,
    4. Courses that do not exercise this option cannot allocate their unused portion to another class or transfer their credit to another faculty member, 
    5. Faculty will need to establish access and build their own assessment through LSU’s ProctorU account, etc.
  2. If a faculty member believes their course requires more than one proctored assessment, we will leave it to the discretion of the colleges to approve and pay for additional assessments for those courses. In an effort to reduce these requests, we will have learning designers from LSU Online who can help facilitate assessment options that maximize integrity without using ProctorU. If a faculty member chooses additional proctored assessments by ProctorU, the faculty member is responsible for facilitating and monitoring issues that may arise from additional assessments. We are developing a systematic process for faculty to request approval from their colleges to allow additional ProctorU assessments and to keep the costs separate from those incurred to the institution. Instructions on submitting additional assessment approval for proctored exams will be forthcoming shortly.
  3. If remote proctoring or proctoring with fees assessed was already on the syllabus, course fees, or in the course description, there will be no changes for that course and additional fees will not be incurred.

It is important to note that proctoring is only one mechanism for ensuring academic integrity online.  Given that students did not sign up to take their courses remotely, LSU highly recommends exploring “lower tech” assessment options. There are multiple other ways to conduct assessments that accurately evaluate student learning without the need for students to have a webcam, Flash installed on their browser and a stable internet connection.  These pedagogical options include using Turnitin for assignments (which is a plagiarism checker), timing formative quizzes or assessments, and creating assignments or projects with rubrics that make it difficult for students to substitute another voice for their own.  Ideas for assessment strategies can be found in the “Prepare Your Content and Lecture” and “Modify Activities and Assessments” section on the page "Faculty Guide for Remote Teaching."  On this page, you will also find links to live support and daily webinars hosted by LSU Online. 

The Office of Academic Affairs