Digital Resources for Continuity of Instruction

Saturday, March 7, 2020; 10:23 a.m.

Dear Colleagues,

The University continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 novel coronavirus situation. In the event local public health concerns warrant a decision to suspend face-to-face instruction, course instructors should be prepared to deliver courses remotely to the best of their ability. As a short-term solution, the University has developed an instructional resource page providing tools and guidance on moving course materials to an online environment. It can be found here:

In addition, at the bottom of the resource page, there is a short survey where instructional faculty can provide some feedback on what additional resources or support they may need. We encourage faculty to complete this survey.  

To be clear, at the time of this writing all instructional activities should proceed as planned. However, the situation is extremely fluid and in the interest of protecting the health and wellness of the campus community it may be necessary to temporarily suspend some campus activities, including instruction. If this is the case then the first line of action will be to maintain continuity of instruction remotely. The Office of Academic Affairs strongly recommends all instructional faculty visit the resource page and expeditiously begin planning for the possibility of delivering course content remotely. We will keep you updated as the situation evolves, and thank you in advance for your efforts.


Matt Lee
Vice Provost for Academic Programs & Support Services
Office of Academic Affairs