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John Paul Hatala, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Professional Practice

298 Charles E. Coates Hall

Baton Rouge, LA 70803


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Biographical Summary

Dr. John-Paul Hatala, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Professional Practice in the LSU School of Leadership & Human Resource Development in Human Resource Development (HRD) and a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Ottawa, Canada. His academic research focuses on social networking behaviors, social capital, human resource development, career development and the transition to the labor market.

Dr. Hatala has provided consulting services to a number of organizations throughout North America and is the founder of the social capital development firm Flowork International. Flowork works with individuals, organizations and communities to develop their social capital and more importantly increases their ability to access social resources.

Dr. Hatala is an active member of the Academy of Human Resource Development, the American Society of Training and Development, and National Association of Workforce Development Practitioners. He is also a reviewer for the Human Resource Development Review Journal, Human Resource Development Quarterly, Human Resource Management Journal and Performance Improvement Quarterly. In 2006, Dr. Hatala received the Elwood F. Holton, III Research Excellence Award, Academy of Human Resource Development.

To date, Dr. Hatala has developed a number of innovative systems and assessment tools, including: Social Networking Management System (includes network analysis and network monitoring system), Strategic Job Search Management System (includes a monitoring system for labor market re-entry), and a series of assessments including the BEST for adults and BEST for youth (Barriers to entrepreneurship success tools), as well as the SELF (Social Exploration Learning Form). His latest book is entitled “The Strategic Networker: A Learner’s Guide to Effective Networking”.


Bachelor’s Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Laurentian University, 1992

Master’s Degree: Master of Science in Education, Elmira College, 1993

PhD: Doctor of Philosophy in Human Resource Development, 2003

Selected Publications

Guerrero, L. & Hatala, J.P. (2015). Antecedents of underemployment: a three-wave study of Canadian job seekers. Career Development International. 20(4)

Yamkovenko, B. & Hatala, J.P. (2015). Methods for Analysis of Social Networks Data in HRD Research. Advances in Human Resource Development, 17(1), 40-56

Yamkovenko, B.  & Hatala, J.P. (2014). Feedback-seeking and social networking behaviors during job search: A conceptual model. Human Resource Development Review, 7(1), 102-124

Bates, R.A., Holton, E.F. & Hatala, J.P. (2012). A revised learning transfer system inventory (LTSI): factorial replication, item reduction and validation. Human Resource Development International, 15(5), 549-569

Hatala, J.P. & Hisey, L. (2011).  Toward the development and validation of a career coach competency model. Performance Improvement Quarterly, 24(3), 101-122

Selected Presentations

Hatala, J.P. (2015 – January) Service Delivery Continuity: Managing Client Job Search Performance. Cannexus Career Development National Conference. Ottawa Ontario

Hatala, J.P. (2014 – December) Keynote: Leveraging Network Resources for Effective Adult Learning: They're closer than you think. Ontario Association of Adult and Continuing Education School Board Administrators, Annual Conference, Mississauga, Ontario

Hatala, J.P. (2013). Service Delivery Continuity: Increased Placement through a Common Framework. Futures Conference, Barrie, Ontario

Hatala, J.P. & Carol Marchetti (2013). Connectivity: It’s Not Just Who You Know, It’s What Your Social Network Knows: Career Development for Faculty. RIT Teaching Conference. Rochester, New York

Hatala, J.P. (2011). Tapping Into Success. RIT Connectology Conference. Rochester, New York

Grants/Funded Projects

Co-PI, Lead Social Scientist, National Science Foundation, Creating Opportunity Networks for Engagement and Collective Transformation:  Increasing the Representation and Advancement of Women Faculty @ RIT, with PI: Margaret Baily, Co-PI’s Carol Marchetti, Sharon Mason and Maureen Valentine. September 2012 to September 2017. $3,200,000 (approx.)

Researcher, Pathways to Prosperity – The Welcoming Communities Initiative (WCI), SSHRC Partnership Grant. The WCI is a multidisciplinary alliance of universities, colleges, and community organizations dedicated to promoting the integration of immigrants and minorities across Ontario. To achieve this goal, the WCI seeks to implement a comprehensive program of research aimed at devising, improving and testing measures to attract, retain, and integrate newcomers, including students and foreign workers, in cities, towns and less populated locales.

PI, CAST SIG Grant, Leveraging Practice Firms for Employee and Employer Alignment. 2010, $2500.00

PI, Ontario Ministry of Education, Student success teacher inquiry project, Increasing academic performance through social resources: Teacher training project. 2007, $4,000.

Current Research

JP Hatala’s academic research focuses on social networking behaviors, social capital, human resource development, career development and job search.

Hatala, J.P. & Yamkovenko, B. (in press). Weak Ties and Self-Regulation in Job Search: The Effects of Goal Orientation on Networking. Journal of Career Development.

Guerrero, L. & Hatala, J.P. (2015). Antecedents of underemployment: a three-wave study of Canadian job seekers. Career Development International. 20(4).

Curriculum Vitae