Hyun Kim

Hyun KimAssistant Professor

Bachelor's Degree(s): Physical Education, Korea National Sports University, South Korea

PGDip: Sports & Exercise, Massey University, New Zealand

Master's Degree: Sport and Exercise Sciences, University of Auckland, New Zealand

PhD: Health Sciences, University of Auckland, New Zealand 

Phone: 225-578-3845

Email: hkkim@lsu.edu

Office: 2216 HPL Field House

Curriculum Vitae 


Hyun Kyung Kim, PhD is an assistant professor in the School of Kinesiology at the Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, USA. She received her bachelor’s degree in physical education from Korea National Sports University. She completed her MS degree in Exercise Science and PhD in Health Sciences from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. She then completed her postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Auckland as well as Iowa State University. Dr. Kim joined the School of Kinesiology, LSU in August 2022. 

Research Interests

Dr. Kim’s research interests are the application of musculoskeletal modeling and medical image processing to understand the underlying mechanisms involved in musculoskeletal diseases and balance impairments. The majority of her research output is in the field of musculoskeletal biomechanics.

Selected Publications

Kim, HK., Dai, X., Lu, SH., Lu, TW., Chou, LS. (2022). Discriminating features of ground reaction forces in overweight old and young adults during walking using functional principal component analysis. Gait and Posture. 94, 166-172.

Yeung, S., Kim, HK., Carleton, A., Munro, J., Ferguson, D., Monk AP., Zhang, J., Besier, T., Fernandez, J. (2022). Integrating Wearables and Modelling for Monitoring Rehabilitation following Total Knee Joint Replacement. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine. 107063

Kim, HK. & Chou, LS. (2022). Lower limb muscle activation for gait balance control during balance-related tasks in healthy elderly: a systematic review. Gait and Posture. 93, 166-176. 

Bell, M., Fernandez J., Florez R., Mirjalili, A., Kim, HK*. (2022). Three-dimensional Ultrasonographic Quantification of Hand and Calf Muscle Volume: Statistical Shape Modelling Approach. Ultrasound in medicine and biology. 48(3), 565-574.  

William S., Bell, M., Kim, HK., Ghaliya Al Masruri., Mirjalili, A., Stott S. N. (2021). The reliability and validity of triceps surae muscle volume assessment using freehand three-dimensional ultrasound in typically developing infants. Journal of Anatomy. 240 (3), 567-578. 

Kim, HK*., Mei, Q., Gu, Y., Mirjalili, A., Fernandez, J (2021). Reduced Joint Reaction and Muscle Forces with Barefoot Running. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering. 24(11), 1263-1273. 

Kim, HK., Mirjalili, A., Zhang, Y., Liangliang, X., Gu, Y., Fernandez, J. (2021). Effect of runners’ running experience and gender on lower limb biomechanics following 5km barefoot running. Sports biomechanics. 

Kim, HK., Fernandez, J., Logan, C., Tarr, PG., Doyle, A., Mirjalili, SA. (2019). T2 Relaxation Time Measurements in Tibiotalar Cartilage after Barefoot Running and its Relationship to Ankle Biomechanics. Journal of Biomechanics, 90, 103-112

Kim, HK., Mirjalili, A., Doyle, A., & Fernandez, J. (2019). Tibiotalar Cartilage Stress Corresponds to T2 Mapping: Application to Barefoot Running in Novice and Marathon-Experienced Runners. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering. 

Kim, HK., Fernandez, J., Mirjalili, SA. (2019). Non-Symptomatic Diagnosed Inflammation on the Cuneiforms on T2* maps and its Relationship to Plantar Pressure: A Case Report. Biology, Engineering and Medicine. 4, 1-3. 

Kim, HK., Mirjalili, SA., Fernandez, J. (2018).  Gait Kinetics, Kinematics, Spatiotemporal and Foot Plantar Pressure Alteration in Response to Long-Distance Running: Systematic Review. Human Movement Science. 57, 342-356.

Kim, HK., Fernandez, J., Mirjalili, SA. (2017). Evaluation of MR Images of the Ankle and Foot in Response to Long-Distance Running: A Systematic Review. Advanced Techniques in A Biology & Medicine. 5(222). 

Kim, HK., & Zhang, Y. (2017). Estimation of Lumbar Spinal Loading and Trunk Muscle Forces during Asymmetric Lifting Tasks: Application of Whole-body Musculoskeletal Modelling in OpenSim. Ergonomics, 60(4), 563-576.

Selected Presentations

Kim, HK., Dai, X., Lu, SH., Lu, TW., Chou, LS. (2022). Age- and Body Size-related Differences in Ground Reaction Forces during Walking: A Functional Principal Component Analysis. World Congress of Biomechanics. Taiwan.

Kim, HK., Lu, SH., Lu, TW., Chou, LS. (2022). Contribution of Lower Limb Muscle Activation to Center of Mass Acceleration During Walking: Effect of Body Weight. World Congress of Biomechanics. Taiwan.

Kim, HK., & Chou, LS.  (2021). Use of Musculoskeletal Modeling to Examine Lower Limb Muscle Contribution to Gait Balance Control: Effects of Overweight. IEEE Digital Health.

Kim, HK., Mirjalili, SA., Doyle, A., Fernandez, J. (2019). Novice and experienced barefoot running response revealed using T2 maps, FE modelling and gait analysis. ISB/ASB.

Kim, HK., Mirjalili, SA., Fernandez, J. (2018). Effect of Running Barefoot on T2 Relaxation Time in Tibiotalar Cartilage and its Relationship to Running Biomechanics. World Congress of Biomechanics

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