Reviews diversity issues within the College, including recruitment and retention of students and faculty. Proposes policies and practices encouraging a culture of inclusiveness. Makes recommendations based on findings and submits annual report (in December) to the Dean. (Meets at least twice per academic semester)

Edward Benoit, SLIS (2020)

Jennifer Bevill, ULS (2021)

Kandra Colomb, Advocacy & Engagement (2021)

Janene Grodesky, SOK (2021)

Shinhee Jeong, SLHRD (2020)

Jen Scott, SSW (2017-2018 thru 2018-2019, 2020) Chair

Kerri Tobin, SOE (2017-2018 thru 2018-2019, 2020)

Ex officio: Renée Myer