Our Mission

The Cain Center supports high-quality STEM education and college readiness initiatives through programs and services that build capacity for successful teaching and student learning. We conduct research to improve teaching and learning in the STEM disciplines and provides information and insight to education policy makers.

Our mission pillars and goals:

Pillar Goal
Teachers Increase the ranks of qualified STEM education professionals by educating, supporting, and employing through a variety of innovative programs.
Students Prepare students for success in College to propel them to successful, fulfilling careers.
Research Produce on-going research and partner with other research centers in an effort to provide evidence-based insight into STEM education advancement possibilities.
Policy & Leadership Take a leadership role in developing curricula and standards, acting as a voice for STEM education policy in Louisiana.

How the pillars influence our process:

Process Description
Teachers to Students Teacher training is implemented in the classroom.
Students to Research We learn from students areas that need improvement through research.
Research to Policy & Leadership Research shows us the policy changes that are needed, and we support and adopt those changes.
Policy & Leadership to Teachers Training is provided to teachers on policy changes and new innovative practices.