What we do

Since 2000, the Gordon A. Cain Center for STEM Literacy has fostered STEM literacy in Louisiana PK–12 schools. The Cain Center offers diverse programs and services to support STEM learning, empower teachers, and educate the public. Through collaborations and innovative initiatives, we shape STEM education policy and implement effective practices. We develop cutting-edge curricula while upholding high quality standards, benefiting all 64 parishes with exceptional STEM education opportunities.

Building Statewide Partnerships

The Cain Center collaborates with school administrators and educators to achieve the following objectives:

  • Enhance students’ access to STEM courses and experiences, such as dual enrollment and college and career pathways, to foster their interest and proficiency in STEM fields.
  • Support educators in strengthening their expertise in STEM disciplines through training, recruitment, and professional development opportunities, promoting effective teaching practices and deepening subject matter knowledge.
  • Expand students' exposure to essential materials and equipment that facilitate inquiry-based teaching methods and active learning, encouraging exploration, questioning, predictions, and investigations for an engaging learning process.

Implementing Best Practices

The Cain Center actively promotes effective teaching methods and evaluates student progress through the following approaches:

  • We conduct research programs to identify evidence-based teaching practices that improve student learning outcomes.
  • Our college and career readiness programs empower students for success in higher education and future careers.
  • We offer comprehensive professional development and support programs for teachers, providing tools and resources for effective instruction and student engagement.