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Professional Sales Concentration

The Professional Sales concentration is a set of marketing courses and guided experiences designed to equip students with practical knowledge and skill sets necessary to excel in the dynamic domain of professional selling. Specifically, students in the professional sales concentration take courses in professional sales fundamentals and sales management. Students then engage in either a professional sales practicum or a professional sales internship which are designed for students to gain experience while working in sales positions guided by a sales professional practitioner and overseen by a faculty mentor. Companies recruiting LSU marketing majors often place special value on students who have a professional sales background as it reduces their training time and costs.

Students must complete MKT 3427, MKT 4423, and either MKT 4478 or MKT 4479 to satisfy the requirements of the concentration.

MKT 3427 - Professional Sales: Communication theory and sales principles needed for successful sales career, buyer behavior and sales tactics, sales strategies, communication in buyer-seller relationships.

MKT 4423 - Sales Management: Principles of sales planning and control, organizing sales departments, developing territories, motivating sales persons, and controlling sales operations.

MKT 4478 - Professional Sales Practicum: Designed for students who want to gain professional sales experience through sales competitions and other experiential programs.

MKT 4479 - Professional Sales Internship: Designed for students who want to gain real-world sales experience through a sales internship.

Professional Sales concentration students should take the following sequence of courses:

  • Junior year - MKT 3401 and 3411; and Sales concentration course MKT 3427
  • Senior year - MKT 3413 and 4451; and Sales concentration courses MKT 4423 and either MKT 4478 or MKT 4479.

Note: To enroll in the Professional Sales concentration, students must: 

  • Be a declared marketing major
  • Notify the Office of Business Student Success by sending an email to to declare the concentration.