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Corporate and Recruiter Relations

Remote Recruiting

Order a Resume Book

For a nominal fee, hard copies of our résumé books for first and second year full-time MBAs may be ordered and shipped to your business.

Post a Job

E-mail the Associate Director for Placement and Corporate Relations with information about an employment opportunity, indicating which groups of students should be targeted (i.e. First or Second Year Full-time MBAs, Professional MBAs, Executive MBAs, or MBA Alumni).

Sponsor an event on campus with Flores MBA Program

Events of this type may be held throughout the year so that company recruiters may become well acquainted with potential interviewees. The Associate Director for Placement and Corporate Relations is available to assist you in locating resources for your campus events and welcomes the opportunity to create a custom event to meet your needs.

Office Hours

Office Hours allows the company to meet students as they “drop in” to learn about the company and gather information from its representatives. Recruiters are set up in a designated classroom in the Business Education Complex to allow students to visit before, after, and between classes. Recruiters may identify outstanding candidates and decide to arrange lunch or dinner plans with them later in the day.

Class Presentations

Class Presentations offer recruiters an opportunity to present to students either in class or before or after Practice of Business workshops on Fridays. Company presentations are excellent opportunities to familiarize students with a company’s culture and goals.

Evening Receptions, which may be held independently or in conjunction with presentations, enable company representatives to mingle with students in an informal atmosphere. The director of recruiting would be happy to assist you with securing a venue for this type of event, arranging a menu, and inviting students to attend. Recruiters may designate whether the reception is open to graduating students, first year students, or both.


Lunches/Dinners are an ideal way to interact with a select group of students and are often scheduled with students after another event.