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Real Estate Research Institute


The Real Estate Research Institute (RERI) studies trends in the Louisiana real estate market for the benefit of growth and development throughout the state. Established in part with funds from the Louisiana Real Estate Commission in 1985, various private sources and grants have provided continued funding for the institute.

RERI is often recognized for publications in U.S. real estate journals, and continues to secure grants for the purpose of supporting doctoral students.

Students have access to ARGUS software and the opportunity to become certified on this vital real estate standard to gain valuable skills and credibility in the industry prior to graduation. 


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Along with its 32 networked workstations and twelve Bloomberg terminals, the SMART Lab now also features ARGUS on every networked computer. This was made possible through a $200,000 software donation from Argus to use toward the company’s real estate software for real estate valuation and investment analysis. Becoming ARGUS certified affords students a unique opportunity to obtain valuable skills and credibility in real estate prior to graduation.

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