LSU College of Agriculture Students are Back Abroad

By Annabelle Lang

April 19, 2023

Students hold LSU flag in front of castle

Nine students LSU College of Agriculture students spent their spring break in the Czech Republic, and one of their stops included the Lednice Castle.

LSU College of Agriculture had nine students spend their spring break in the Czech Republic as part of a 10-day study abroad program. The students spent the week visiting Mendel University (MendelU), a longtime partner with LSU, in Brno and Prague.

Facility tours of MendelU introduced students to the academic offerings of the university and the higher education model in the Czech Republic. Students participated in farm tours highlighting precision agriculture and alternative animal husbandry facilities, including visiting a fully automated dairy farm and Mendel's horticulture facility in Lednice.

In Prague, students toured Old Town and explored prominent landmarks like Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle to deepen their understanding of the city's history.

Students enrolled in an elective course offered through the LSU College of Agriculture to prepare them for international travel while creating a baseline knowledge of Czechia agriculture, history, culture, and Czech vocabulary.

The trip was led by Henry Hebert, assistant director of recruitment, and Ashley Grant, manager of internships and student engagement.

"I was fortunate to participate in study abroad programs as an undergraduate student and know first-hand how transformational the experience can be. In my own professional career, I've been afforded the opportunity to lead programs of my own and hope to foster the same transformative experience for others as the college strives to produce globally minded students," said Hebert.