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LSU Distinguished Communicator Program

LSU Distinguished Communicators is a unique academic excellence program where students work to refine their communication skills and learn discipline-specific approaches to communication that will enable them to excel in their chosen profession. Candidates undergo a variety of training experiences and are required to build a digital portfolio, demonstrating proficiency in written, spoken, visual, and technological communication. They must also show successful use of their communication skills in leadership roles and community service.  Upon completion of the program, these students possess the competitive skills and knowledge needed for 21st-century leadership. This coveted designation becomes part of official transcripts and gives the certified graduate significant leverage in today’s job market. LSU is one of the only universities in the country recognizing students who excel in communicating within their discipline.

In order to earn the Distinguished Communicator medal, students must:

  • apply to the program prior to completing 80 hours of course work (Students with more than 80 hours, but at least 3 semesters remaining, are still eligible.)
  • contract with a faculty advisor at least 4 semesters prior to graduation and meet regularly to ensure timely submission of all components needed for certification
  • attend DC Housekeeping meeting once a year to check in about progress
  • earn a B- or higher in at least 4 C-I courses – minimum course mode credits: 3 written, 2 spoken, 1 visual & 1 tech (Approved individual C-I contract may be applied)
  • participate in a minimum of 3 approved workshops designed to improve communication skills
  • compile evidence of communication skills to demonstrate exceptional proficiencies in all four modes
  • reflect on your communication skills and experiences
  • participate in an experiential learning activity related to your field that enables you to practice effective communication skills
  • serve in a leadership role
  • complete an approved public portfolio showcasing your communication skills
  • unequivocally prove yourself as an effective communicator
  • be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the university

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