Zero Cost Textbooks (ZCT) Designation for Courses

This Spring, faculty were given the opportunity to designate their courses with a special enrollment code of ZCT. This code alerts students to courses/sections with zero textbook costs. Sixty-eight courses chose to pilot this special enrollment code. Please keep this designation in mind for fall courses. Departments will have the ability to designate a section as a “zero-cost textbook” until March 6, 2020. After that time, they should contact the Registrar’s Office to include the remark and code.

To establish this designation, the department should add “ZCT” in the Special Enrollment field. This is not tied to the remarks section, so students will not be able to see the code but allows for data collection. The department should also put “Zero-cost textbooks available” in the "Remarks" field of the section or on the URMK screen if it applies to all sections of the course. Students can find the designation on the course website offering found here