Messages to Faculty & Staff

Messages from the Interim Executive Vice President & Provost Matt Lee are sent monthly in the Office of Academic Affairs newsletter to faculty and staff. Newsletter editions can be found at the News & Events tab of the Office of Academic Affairs newsletter.  

March 2022 Message

Discovery, innovation, disruption, subversion, knowledge-production…In the scholarly realm, these all require an ability to seek truth unencumbered by sociopolitical or other restraints. The very bedrock of a research institution — academic freedom and its principle safeguard, tenure — are the primary distinguishing features of truth-seeking institutions. Although often cast as an individual benefit, academic freedom and tenure are, in fact, immutable institutional principles required to fulfill the core mission of a public research institution — to further understand and improve the human condition. 

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March 2022

February 2022 Message

The spring 2022 semester is well underway, and I am quite pleased with our progress. Rapidly declining COVID-19 case counts on campus, and in our community at large, bode well for campus operations. Course sections will very likely be back to their catalog-listed modality by Feb. 14, and we anticipate moving back to an optional masking environment in indoor settings very soon. An enormous debt of gratitude is owed to all of you for actively participating in our mitigation strategies, which has helped us successfully get through this latest phase of the pandemic. We have fared extremely well due to your sustained commitment to community, and for that I know we are all grateful.

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February 2022

December 2021 Message

We not only made it through quite a semester—we excelled! We started with our largest, most qualified and diverse class and ended with our largest ever fall graduating class! The moments in between were filled with our faculty, staff and students racking up countless accolades, ranging from a new Boyd Professor to major books published and research grants awarded to numerous students earning prestigious medals of recognition for their demonstration of academic excellence.

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December 2021

November 2021 Message

I find that the best way to stay tuned in to the current campus climate is to have direct conversations with faculty, staff, and students from all corners of campus. In one recent conversation, a longtime faculty colleague simply said, “Tell us what’s going on. What are we doing? What’s the plan?”

Good question.

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November 2021

October 2021 Message

In my role as interim executive vice president, I have the privilege of serving as the chief academic officer supporting the Board of Supervisors for all eight of our institutions. From this vantage point, it quickly becomes apparent that the scale and impact of the collective LSU endeavor is nothing short of astounding. With an unrelenting commitment to excellence through innovation and always putting Scholarship First, we serve our communities, the state, the nation and the globe through all stages of the lifespan—literally changing the world and making it better every day. Read the full message in its entirety at the link below...

October 2021

September 2021 Message

I hope you and all of your loved ones are safe following Hurricane Ida. Many of our students, faculty and staff have been directly and adversely impacted by the storm on top of the pandemic. It has been a challenging start to the semester, and I am thankful for your patience and cooperation as we make necessary adjustments to campus operations and protocols. Although these are trying times, I am heartened by the support of the LSU community for one another. Given our strong history of resilience and our enduring commitment to the community, it is not surprising that there are many accounts of LSU Tigers who have gone above and beyond to ensure the health and safety of others. Read the full message in its entirety at the link below...

September 2021

Summer 2021 Message

As we close out the summer and turn our energies to the fall, I want to take a moment to convey what an honor it is to serve as your interim executive vice president and provost. While I am new to this position, I have been a proud member of the LSU faculty since 2004. In addition, I have served as associate vice president in the Office of Research & Economic Development, and most recently as vice provost for academic programs and support services in the Office of Academic Affairs. On the heels of these experiences, I am excited to work with President Tate and many of you in the coming weeks and months as we continue to expand the impact of our extraordinary institution.  The read full message at the link below...

July 2021